SFS III THE INFAMOUS – ***Nick Samways Vs Imanol Rodriguez*** By now we are sure everyone knows of the outcome of this fight. However we did not feel it appropriate to report on it until we knew Imanol was safely back at home in Spain. We are v... read more
  SFS III THE INFAMOUS- FIGHT 14 – ***DZIDZIS MUSALIS VS JASON BINT*** This was always promised to be a spectacular fight, and it did not fail to deliver on the night. A complete clash of styles of ever there was one. Bint as you may reme... read more
DING DONG SFS III THE INFAMOUS – fight 13 !! What to say about this fight ??!!… well just check the photos out for a start !… ***MATTEO CAPOBIANCO VS DEAN ADKIN*** What a classic SFS fight!! Huge shots fired from Both sides and thre... read more
SFS III – THE INFAMOUS – FIGHT 12…. If ever there were a truer meaning to the title of our show “The Infamous” then this is it… the INFAAAAAAMOUS fight between – ***ALEX “THE BODYHAMMER” BUBLEA an... read more
SFS III – THE INFAMOUS – FIGHT 11 – Into the Semi finals of the audacious – 70kg 8 Man tournament.. ***GIWRGIS KOULALIS VS FABIO BARROS*** Fabio’s second fight of the night after dispatching of his first opponent with a... read more
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