Episode 1 Results and Reports!

On Saturday the night the nation’s top ranked K1/Kickboxers descended onto the famous and prestigious Wembley Arena with the sole intention of showing everyone who they are and what they do on the biggest platform provided here in the UK.

With pull outs in the build up to the show, Many would have thrown in the towel but SFS continued their work and pulled it out of the bag.

The shows promoters have worked tirelessly since 2014 putting this together  with the sole intention of giving fight fans a night of kickboxing action that they will never forget and they did not disappoint.

With 3, 4 Man tournaments, 2 ISKA World Title bouts and an additional 5 super fights the show didn’t fail to entertain.

With some of the biggest names on the UK fight scene in the arena, Super Fight Series after months of build-up and anticipation was ready to go.

With commentators Vinny Shoreman and Andrew Tate, MC the infamous Kyle ‘Stand & Bang’ Greaves you knew that you were in for a treat.

Main Card-

ISKA Junior Title Fight- Sponsored by LIGHTSTAR

Bradley Linstead bt Connor Nash via unanimous points.

Soloman Lefleur bt Onisim Prichici via majority decision. Sponsored by CONTROL FREAX

Luke Portainer bt Adam O’Driscoll via unanimous points. Sponsored by I-TAP


72.5KG Tournament- Sponsored by LIGHTSTAR

Rafal Gorka bt Lukas Bienias via referee stoppage in Round 2.

Marcel Adeyami bt Kurtis Allen via unanimous points.


Main Card- Sponsored by GPH DATACOMS LTD & STORM GYM LTD

Ben Vickers bt George Gourmley via referee stoppage in Round 1.


63KG Tournament- Sponsored by CONTROL FREAX

Alex Bublea bt Femi Akinande via KO Round 1

Kyle Helleur bt Mo Abdurahman via referee stoppage Round 2.


77KG Tournament- Sponsored by J.W. SCAFFOLDING LTD

Kev Ward bt Aidan Brooks via split decision.

Kielo Lambert bt Kris Addis via unanimous points.


72.5KG Tournament Final- Marcel Adeyami v Rafal Gorka. Sponsored by LIGHTSTAR

The fight started with early and equal exchanges between the 2 fighters, Rafal looking to impose himself on Marcel being the bigger of the 2 but Marcel very cleverly keeping his hands high and moving off to cut the angle and exiting with body kicks.

Round 2 started with Marcel landed some well-placed body kicks and again although fighting off the back foot he scored well and landed a well timed head kick that resulted in Rafal receiving an 8 count from referee Jesse Saunders. Rafal come back strong after that and using his size advantage to dominate the closing period.

Round 3 started with Rafal on the front foot being the aggressor, Marcel knowing that he needs to simply keep his hands high and keep his opponent away.

With the Knowlesy Team in full voice in the corner shouting encouragement Marcel pushed Rafal right to the end with a mature performance.

The bout went to the judges scorecards and the judges called the fight a draw after 3 rounds, A winner needed to be determined and a 4thRound was called.

Rafal came out hungry in round 4 pushing forward only throwing single shots looking for the big connection, Marcel, Looking tired bit down onto his gumshield and kept his guard tight, Stepping off to the side of Rafal and landed body kicks to his torso causing Rafal to turn his back on 2 occasions.

The final bell went and the judges reached a unanimous decision.

The winner of the 72.5kg 4 Man SFS tournament and £1000 prize money is Marcel Adeyami of Knowlesy Academy.


Main Card- Sponsored by PALCIC TAEKWONDO

Giannis Skordhils bt Dominik Matusz via unanimous points.


63KG Tournament- Alex Bublea v Kyle Helleur. Sponsored by CONTROL FREAX

This fight for me was the one I was looking forward to the most, With 2 of the most exciting fighters in the UK in their respective division this was always going to be a tough one to call and went to the wire.

The opening round saw strong early exchanges from both fighters with Bublea showing some great boxing skills and working the body of Helleur. Helleur, Returning with low kicks finished round 1 off with a clean left hook.

Round 2 was a tentative opening, Helleur again landing clean body kicks but Bublea returning with strong and crisp boxing combos and low kicks.

Mid way through the 2nd Bublea threw a beautiful straight right hand and head kick combo that connected perfectly, Helleur showing his skill and strength at this point by quickly recovering and moving away from Bublea’s dangerous advances.

Bublea finished round 2 with a well timed straight right hand and the bell immediately going.

Great opening exchanges from the fighters going into round 3 and both fighters corner teams are in full voice with their instruction and encouragement. Crowd are now in full voice as they’ve been treated to a spectacle of show by 2 of the UK’s finest.

The final bell rings and the winner is announced as Alex Bublea from Knowlesy Academy making it 2 wins from 2 tournament finals and Alex taking home the £2k prize fund.


ISKA World Title- Sponsored by PALCIC TAEKWONDO

Reece Rowell v Nigel Thomas.

The first of the ISKA world title bouts of the evening came in the shape of the 2 hard hitting and highly experienced fighters in Nigel Thomas of Storm Gym and  Reece Rowell from Essex Kickboxing.

The bell goes and Reece from the start comes in throwing some big hands.

Nigel keeping his guard tight returns landed low kicks to Reece but Reece continues his onslaught and steps forward and catches Nigel with a heavy right hand which drops him to the canvas, The fight is over with Nigel unable to recover and the ISKA World Low Kick champion is Reece Rowell of Essex Kickboxing.


77KG Tournament- Kev Ward v Kielo Lambert. Sponsored by J.W. SCAFFOLDING LTD

This tournament final was between the hugely experienced and tough Kev Ward from Elite Southport and the young and hungry Kielo Lambert from Nak Soo in Northampton.

The opening round was fast paced with Kielo straight out the gates on the front foot pushing Kev back and being the aggressor.

Kev looking to use his height advantage by using the long knee to keep Kielo away but Lambert continuing the pace set begins to land a flurry of punches against the body of Ward.

Ward now backed up against the ropes see’s Lambert unload a huge left hook which lands cleanly on Ward sending him crashing to the canvass.

With the referee jumping in and deeming Ward unable to continue the winner of the 77kg 4 Man tournament is the tough and impressive Kielo Lambert who leaves the ring £5k richer.


ISKA World K1 rules Title- Sponsored by J.W. SCAFFOLDING LTD 

Lukasz Krupadziorow v Lukasz Parobiec.

Battle of the big boys now as the final bout of the evening is the 100kg+ bout between Lukasz Krupadziorow and Lukasz Parobiec.

The fight starts with high intensity with Krupadziorow coming out of the corner throwing his heavy hands, Parobiec covers up not wanting to get caught by the imposing figure in front of him and throws an ambitious overhand right which lands onto the jaw of Krupadziorow connecting cleanly which send him to the canvass, Lukasz K unable to continue and the fight waived off by the referee the new ISKA World K1 rules Champion is Lukasz Parobiec of ‘Team Berserkers’.


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